Will I get my badge and lanyard in the mail? 

No. Your registration kit will be waiting for you at the registration table. This will include your badge and lanyard, 1 raffle ticket, Friday night concert tickets & festival program. All other concerts will be accessed with your name badge. 

Can I pick up my partners pass at registration?  

Yes you can. We will make a note in case they come looking for it. Please make sure they know the plan! 

What types of events are included in my pass? 

If you bought a: 

VIP pass: Every show and event is included in your pass 

Full Pass: Every show and event is included in your pass 

Day Pass: Every show and event that day is included in your pass (including Friday Night Celebrity Show for Friday pass holders) 

Friday Night Celebrity Show: Access to Friday night show in Celebrity Showroom 

Show Pass: Access to every evening show Wed-Sat, including Celebrity Showroom  (no workshop access) 

Do I need to sign up for my chosen workshops? 

No. We are doing our best to place the workshop in appropriate rooms based the assumed size of the class. Class rooms are large and we should have an easy time fitting everybody. 

Are vaccination/antibody tests still required? 

Not at this time. We will follow the guidance of the CDC, State of Nevada and Nugget Casino. 

Are masks required? 

No, not at this time. The choice to wear a mask remains yours. We ask that all patrons respect each others choices on this matter. 


Handouts are being posted onto a webpage which is password protected (for Reno participants only). 

We are not using a projector this year (it was hard to see anyway). So please print anything you want to use. 

*ipads and tablets are GREAT for this reason 

Music Stands 

You can bring a music stand, purchase one at The Strum Shop booth or get creative with your PDF's. Below is a photo I took with my translation of an invention Doug told me about from festivals past. 

As you can see below, I clipped a piece of cardboard to a swivel-hook hanger. The cardboard gave the page stability. My hanger is wider than 8 1/2, so I added an additional clip. I also would consider using sticky putty to connect the paper to the cardboard. Get creative! 

*If enough people bring their own clever invention we might have to add a "Music Stand Invention Cat Walk" to our festivities! :D

Is there a Nugget shuttle I can catch from the airport?  

Yes there is! The Shuttle from Nugget Casino will be at the airport every hour on the half hour 7:30am-8:30pm outside of Door D of the baggage claim area. (Ex: pick up times are 7:30am, 8:30am, 9:30am, etc.) Shuttle is free and there is no need to show an ID or proof of hotel reservations. (Drivers do accept tips.)  

Call for more info: (888) 868-4438

Can I book my hotel room through the website? 

You can access the discount link through our website here. By clicking our special link, you'll be redirected to the Nugget Casino & Resort booking page and your festival discount will be applied automatically. But hurry! Discount ends mid Sept.  

Can I buy just the evening entertainment for my partner/friend? 

We do have a “Show Pass” available for partners/friends which allows access to the evening entertainment only (no workshops.) However, in order to make sure we stay within our occupancy limitations, we are waiting to roll out the Show Pass option until Sept 2nd. We will send an email announcement when it's available. 

Is the festival non-smoking?  

Yes! Our event is being held on the 2nd floor of the casino, a completely smoke free environment. When you book your non-smoking room at the Nugget, you will be placed on the same side so that your elevator doors open directly into the event. There is smoking allowed in the casino, so walking to the restaurants can be troubling for some folks. But there is also food options available a short walk away.

Is there a swap-meet where participants can sell used instruments? 

Unfortunately not. We are very focused in supporting our vendors and offering a swap meet wouldn't be great for them. In order for them to want to come each year, we need to do our best to make sure it's profitable for the small businesses. You are welcome to talk one-on-one with people about selling an instrument, but we don't have a designated place and we ask that you do it quietly. We appreciate your understanding.

What is the Band Scramble?

During the Band Scramble, you'll find yourself grouped with fellow participants. Together, you'll engage in a democratic process to select a song to collaborate on. Following this, you'll gather for one hour each day to rehearse your chosen piece, preparing for the grand performance on Saturday night. 

Perry and I have recently had the pleasure of witnessing a few band scrambles at several festivals. Inspired by this, we decided to give it a try ourselves! Following the aforementioned events, we spoke with participants to gather their thoughts. They shared stories about forging unexpected friendships, collaborating on group decisions during their three-day musical experience and summoning the courage to perform with their new friends! 

Our questionnaire kicks off with a fundamental query: "Are you interested in joining the Band Scramble?" Once you clear that initial hurdle, you'll move on to selecting your perceived skill level and indicating whether you consider yourself a leader or if you play the bass. Using your responses, we will carefully place you within a suitable group. After the Saturday night performance, we'll inquire about your overall experience. If it proves to be a success, we'll definitely consider bringing it back next year!

Where can we find food during the festival?